Transformer / Insulating Oil Conditioning
Plant / Machine (HIVAC)


SERVOLINE HIVAC FILTERS have been carefully designed and meticulously engineered to exacting International Standards to meet this critical need. They provide quick and economical conditioning of insulating oils in transformers with voltage as high as 400 kv and oil holding capacities as large as 100 tons.

The models offered include High Vacuum plants of HV type and Ultra High Vacuum plants of HVR type. To cater to more demanding applications involving even more stringent oil specifications we offer multistage models of HVR-2D type. The above plants are manufactured in any capacity ranging from 600 LPH to 10000 LPH or even more, depending on specific requirements.



Description Models
Vacuum Level at Final Oil Through (in torr) <2 <1 <0.5 <0.2
Break down voltage                                           kV 60 70 75 75

Filtering System

Filtering is achieved by means of high efficiency non-hygroscopic cartridges. The filter medium is progressively denser in the direction of flow. This unique feature ensures large dust holding capacity. The filter housing is designed for facile replacement of choked cartridges, which is indicated by the compound gauge.

Degassing System

The optimally designed (single/multistage) chamber consist of columns of raschig rings to ensure maximum exposure of oil to high vacuum, which cause

moisture and gases to evaporate. Suitable vacuum pumping system of sufficient throughput capacity (rotary, roots vacuum pump) ensures vacuum to be as low as 0.2 torr or less. The flow of oil is indicated through the sight glass provided on the chamber.

Heating System

The oil heater heats the transformer oil to the required set temperature. It is provided with electrical resistance elements enclosed in MS tubes separating them from oil. Further a preset safety thermostat is providing to prevent accidental overheating of the oil. A pressure relief valve is provide to the take care of any rise in pressure over desired level. Suitable baffles in the heater vessel prevent hotspots.

Oil Inlet Gear Pump

A positive displacement pump sucks the oil from the transformer / storage tank and delivers it to the conditioning machine. A built in relief value takes care of any excessive pressure rise.

Outlet Glandless Centrifugal Pump

The conditioned oil from the degassing chamber is drawn out by a centrifugal glandless pump. This glandless feature ensure total isolation of the conditioned oil from the atmosphere and is essential for maintaining the quality of the oil. This pump, besides by virtue of glandless, requires no maintenance, whatsoever.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumping system of high throughput capacity is provided for evacuating the degassing chamber and is capable of achieving and sustaining a high degree of vacuum.

Control Cabinet

The machine is equipped with a sturdy and easily accessible electrical control cabinet. A mimic diagram is installed on the cabinet, providing a continual display of the state of operation.